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Mistakes Abstract Reviewers Make and How to Avoid Them

We often talk about what life is like for an event manager running scientific conferences and the processes involved. After coming across the blog post Mistakes Reviewers Make, we thought it was time to shine some light on abstract reviewers. We hope you'll pass this post onto your committee and reviewers. The

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Ready to Use Trello Conference Planner

To kick off your 2016 conference planning, we've completed the sample Trello conference planner we started in our blog post Planning your conference with Trello. Using our Trello conference planner you'll can plan and manage all aspects of your conference. The Trello board includes list for: Administration and committees Venue & Accommodation Program

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Planning Your Conference With Trello

Here at Currinda we love Trello. We use Trello boards to manage our project workflow and share ideas. Trello lets you organise all your project notes, to-do lists and documents in the one place. Do away with lengthy emails threads with colleagues, Trello 'Team' boards make it easy for you

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How to Structure Your Conference Website

A conference website shouldn't be complicated; it need to be vibrant, clean, mobile responsive and well structured. The aim is to give your delegates all the information they’re looking for to entice them to register. Use these simple tips to learn how to structure your conference website in the order of what is the

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