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How to Grow Your Marketing Using Event Apps

The great thing about event apps is that they're a win-win tool for everyone. Event apps are convenient for delegates, they're a communications tool for event managers and they encourages two-way engagement between both parties. So far, event apps are stacking up nicely, but it gets better. Our third blog post in the event app series covers

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How to Structure Your Conference Website

A conference website shouldn't be complicated; it need to be vibrant, clean, mobile responsive and well structured. The aim is to give your delegates all the information they’re looking for to entice them to register. Use these simple tips to learn how to structure your conference website in the order of what is the

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A guide to answering: Do I Need An Event Website?

If you’ve been tasked with looking after all things ‘website related’ for your event, the chances are you'll ask, “Where on earth am I going to put all the event information on our current website?” If you’re faced with this question, an event website might be the solution. Consider these

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Which Platform Should I Use For My Conference Social Media?

One of the most common question that we get from scientific and medical conference organisers is, "What platform should we use for our conference social media?" At the outset this might seem like an easy answer, all of them, but the answer is far more subtle. To really get to the answer, you need