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Get Your App On! (it’s about engagement)

The smartphone and related technology has reached near-ubiquity. Last year, Deloitte reported an average 80% ownership by populations across all developed countries surveyed, and 82% of developing countries…. And in Australia, 88%.

Businesses invest in smartphone app technology because people engage with apps far more than any other technology today. In marketing terms, it’s far bigger than impressions. Get your audience to watch, read, listen, search or otherwise explore their interests on your own platform and you’ll enhance unaided recall of your brand. Get your audience doing this in a context that is useful and important to them in the moment, and you’ll radically enhance your brand’s top-of-mind awareness… a holy grail for marketers.Engage your audience with an Event App

Drop a line in a fishtank

Event apps offer enormous opportunity for businesses to achieve high-level engagement with event delegates and stakeholders.  Sponsors, Exhibitors, Venue and Service Providers can be written into the narrative of your event to showcase their value proposition in a perfect context.  Does your event app feature onboard comms capability to perform social blasts and push notifications?  What about interactive tools like Polling and Favouriting?  These are the kind of tools that you can apply creatively to delight your commercial partners.

Align your Sponsors, Exhibitors, Venue and Service Providers to your delegates’ experiences in the right context, and you’ll create quality engagement to qualified audiences, shore up your business relationships and create sticky retention of your sponsorship partners going forward.

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