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How To Engage Delegates At All Stages Of Your Conference

We’re often busy trying to get our message out to delegates rather than starting a conversation with them and keep them engaged. There are opportunities to engage delegates at all stages of your conference.

In part two of our series on event apps, we’re taking a look at how you can use conference apps to create engagement with your delegates and KEEP them engaged at every stage of your conference.

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The build-up

The build up to your conference is a great time to prompt delegates to download your app and engage delegates on another level.

The beauty of an event app is that communication is instant (just like an SMS). There’s very little chance of your message getting lost or lingering in the inboxes of recipients.

Messages sent via the app are great for short, sharp snippets of information e.g. updates on speakers, sponsors, special rates on registrations (early bird closing) or accommodation deals. They’re brilliant at creating urgency and getting the recipients to take immediate action. Save longer messages for your email updates.

Socialise your conference

The key to using social media to market a conference and promote engagement is to start the conversation early.  The earlier you start to talk, the more buzz you create and the greater chance you have of building a following and in turn, a two-way conversation with your audience.

This will serve you well when your event app is released and ready to go. In addition to sending out emails telling your delegates, speakers and sponsors to download your app, you’ll already have a bunch of engaged followers ready and waiting to use it.

Once your delegates are using your conference app, there are further opportunities to engaging them with your conference social media. Currinda’s app links to the conference hashtag on Twitter right the way through it. This makes it dead-easy for delegates to follow and contribute to the conversion.

TIP: Make your hashtag well known, include it in everything… in your app, branding, emails, website…everything!

There’s nothing more frustrating for a delegate when they want to follow you and your speakers and sponsors and tweet/post about your conferences but can’t find the social handles or don’t know the conference hashtag.

A great conference app will provide social handles of speakers and sponsors within profiles or sessions. The beautiful thing about this is that they’re already on their phone and with a click, you’re giving delegates the ability to engage in the conference conversation in an instant.

This is the kind of action you want on your conference social media in the build up to your conference, your app can help you get this:

Engage delegates and get answers in real time!

Live polling within your app is an excellent engagement tool that can be used pre, during and post conference.

Run polls to gain insights into your audience before the conference. Find out what they’re most interested in – it might just take the guesswork out of your programme design. 

Polling during sessions is a great way to instantly engage delegates and see the results in real time to share with the audience. Post conference, polling can be used to conduct the conference survey, or asking questions about future themes.

The opportunities to engage your delegates through your conference app are endless. It boils down to creating a two-way conversation that makes delegates feel like they’re a valued part of the event.

Take your delegate engagement to the next level

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