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Introducing: New Native Event App

Introducing our new native mobile event app – a customised app with all the features you and your delegates need.

There are some staggering stats about smartphone usage that we talked about in our blog post Event apps – the convenience tool for your delegates, one of the most staggering is that 89% of Australians own a smartphone and 60% also have access to a tablet. And then there’s the stat below, 86% of a smartphone user’s time is spent within apps!

The exciting thing is that the events industry is catching up fast. Event Manager Blog predicted in the year 2016/17, 67% of events would use an event app. Furthermore, they reported that event app download were on the rise, with more than half of delegates opting to download an event app.

Smartphone app users

Introducing our new Native Event App

While we have always had a mobile based HTML5 app on offer with our products, the demand for a native app was growing within our membership. We also began to see the struggle of members wanting to develop an app that worked seamlessly with registration and submissions software.

The ‘bolt on approach’ was failing them and their delegates. It was expensive and time-consuming to develop custom native apps, and more often than not, the end product under-delivered.

For us, the benefit of initially offering an HTML5 app was that we had a chance to learn what our users wanted and what they used. We got to test very efficiently what worked, but ultimately, greater functionality and connectivity was requested.

That is when we make a promise to our current and future members. We’d help them achieve their app goals by creating a native app that was fully integrated with registrations and submissions software, simple to set up, had great user experience (UX), and we’d offer fair pricing and excellent technical support.

The result, a native event app that’s designed for both event managers and delegates.

How does it work?

Event app setup

Our all-in-one flow makes setting up the event app quick and easy. The app takes all of your event and submissions data and feeds it into our user-friendly template. You then have the freedom to adapt the look and feel of the app to work with your event brand. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up your event and/or abstract submissions
  2. Collect submissions and undertake reviews
  3. The app template is populated with your event and submissions data
  4. Custom your app to reflect your event brand (see features below)
  5. When you’re happy with it, we set it live
  6. Your delegates download it from their preferred app store (Apple and Android)

Main feature

Event app features

Our app is packed full of features for both you and your delegates. It’s also available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

Customisable content
Create vibrant pages with custom colour themes, images and text to give your delegates all the event information they need.

Complete schedule
The app displays a complete event schedule with access to full session details, note taking and personalised schedule creating by favouring sessions.

Interactive trade map
Maximise exposure for exhibitors and help delegates navigate around the venue with an interactive map.

Favourite sessions
Give delegates the power to favourite sessions and create a personalised conference planner.

Registration information
Delegates have access to all their registration information including accommodation, accessed all within their personal dashboard

Extra features

  • Live polling
  • Push notifications
  • Fast and easy updates

Why are we using event apps?

Without rehashing what we covered in our event app blog series, for attendees, an event app means easy navigation, all their information in one convenient place and an opportunity to engage with the event on another level. For event managers, event apps reduce spend on printing and create a more sustainable event (no printing), they delivers timely data through live polling, offers greater communications with push notifications, provide another revenue stream for sponsorship… and the list goes on.

Essentially, event apps are used for engagement, information sharing, data collection and delegate management.

Ready to start using our event app?

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