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Planning Your Conference With Trello

Here at Currinda we love Trello. We use Trello boards to manage our project workflow and share ideas. Trello lets you organise all your project notes, to-do lists and documents in the one place. Do away with lengthy emails threads with colleagues, Trello ‘Team’ boards make it easy for you to collaborate in real time, with as many team members as you want.

Trello is the perfect tool to manage and plan your next conference. Check out our Annual Conference 2016¬†example. We’ve kicked off by completing the ‘Website set up’ list, with everything you need to set up your conference website.

HINT: use our last blogpost How to structure your conference website to help with your content and structure.

Currinda Annual Conference Trello board

5 Trello features we love

  1. Calendar – see what is due and when in the calendar view. Clicking on the calendar items takes you straight into the board.
  2. Printing boards – if you still like hard copy ‘to-do’ lists, you can print out your Trello board.
  3. Collaboration – get your team all on the same page (literally) with Team boards.
  4. Live updates – no need to wait around for documents to upload to a shared file website, Tello boards update in real time, meaning team members can see changes as they happen.
  5. Checklists – create your to-do list and have the satisfaction of ticking off completed items – it even shows you your progress as a percentage.
  6. Bonus – we love the ability to upload files. It’s fantastic for storing related images and documents all in the one place.

What are you waiting for? Check out our Trello board, sign up (it’s free) and start planning your next conference.

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