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Every event is different. They cater to different needs, delegates discuss different things and they are located in different places. They have their own personalities. We at Currinda want every delegate to feel that personality and be excited to be involved. For this reason we have developed a new, vibrant, clean, mobile-ready, user-friendly interface for Currinda.

We are bringing all of our products together to create one seamless experience, from event website to registration booking process to mobile app. We now let you assign themes containing a colour scheme and font styles to each event and paint every part of our product range with these colours and styles to create a consistent experience.

Theming website

We’ve also thought a lot about what delegates need to know and prioritised it on event registration and abstract submission summaries. When a delegate asks “Have I completed my registration”, “What nights am I booked into my hotel?” or “Has my abstract been accepted?”, all that information is right at their fingertips on our carefully designed summary pages.


The registration and abstract submission processes are functionally unchanged with all of our powerful pricing, delegate type and timefram control. There is now a handy progress bar that lets a delegate know exactly how many steps they have left before they have completed their registration or submitted an abstract.


We also know that the days of exclusively using the internet from a desktop are long gone. Delegates receive their email invitations to events and browse the event website from their phones and tablets all the time. We believe that mobile browsing is an asset for your events, we want your delegates to be able to research speakers and create registrations on the train on their way into the office or at the local cafe as easily as if they were sitting at their desk. All of the products we offer, from event website to registration process to mobile app have been optimised for all devices.


Currinda theming is available now but we are currently in a testing phase. We would love you to turn a theme on when you set up a new event and get a feel for the flow and layout of it all. We will be spending the next few weeks testing and responding to your feedback on these exciting features so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any feedback or queries.

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