New Feature: Advanced Add-on Setups

It is one of the features that people have been waiting for the longest, but now I’m pleased to tell you that you can link add-ons together so that only one out of a group of add-ons can be selected.

This is used when you have multiple sessions that people must select only one from. These different options are all configurable like any other add-on in the system, this means they might only be available (or have different costs) for certain registration types, or delegate types. They also all have fully managed availability as you would expect and the ability to attach extras as always.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will be able to move your existing add-ons to this easily.

It’s best to explain with a screenshot or 2:

Regular add-on availability:


And what an invited speaker (or specific delegate type) will see:



There’s a setup guide available on the support site, and if you’ve got any questions or feedback as always, please let us know.

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