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3 Ways Event Apps Save You Time and Money

An event app is an investment that delivers real returns. If the previous points in our event app series didn’t have you convinced, then how about this – event apps can save you thousands in dollars and a heap of time!

Here’s 3 ways event apps will save time and money:

Do away with printed programmes

Ok, ok we might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves as it can be hard to stamp out printed conference programme altogether the first year (or few) you introduce your app, but it is something to work towards. Printing is not cheap (nor environmentally friendly) so the more people using your app, the less copies of the programme and marketing collateral you’ll need to print. If you run out of printed programmes during the conference, you can let delegates know they can download the app. It is a good idea to promote your app at the conference to let people who haven’t downloaded it know that it exists.

If you’ve got a native app (we’ll go over app options in another post), you’ll be able to see how many people have downloaded your app to give you an estimate of how many printed programme you’ll require.

Event apps save money and time on printing

Stop guessing what your audience wants

An event app can save you a great deal of time and money on customer research. You now have a tool that provides real-time results (if you’re using polling) and takes the guesswork out of what delegates want. You can ask delegates any questions you need to know, pre, during and post conference and get instant answers.

Free yourself from emails

Event apps free you from emails, saving you enormous amounts of time. There are two aspects of email freedom that stand out. Firstly, delegates self-manage their own details. There’s no need for them to contact you to find out what stream they’re in or update registration details, the information is now at their fingertips and they can manage it all themselves.

Event apps free you from email

Secondly, you don’t have to spend hours writing reminder communications, sending them out to your delegates… and hoping that they’ll read it or even see it. With an app, you can create short reminder messages to send straight to a delegates mobiles device e.g. “Registration is open from 8:30am tomorrow. Our first session The Mobile Conference begins at 9:30am.”

A paperless money-saving event, with no guesswork and email freedom, that’s a good argument to have an event app! In our next post we’ll be giving you some tips on how to use your event app to market your conference and leverage your sponsorship agreements.  

If you’re ready to save time and money, visit our native mobile event app page or contact us to find out how your event will benefit from our native event app. 

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