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How to Grow Your Marketing Using Event Apps

The great thing about event apps is that they’re a win-win tool for everyone. Event apps are convenient for delegates, they’re a communications tool for event managers and they encourages two-way engagement between both parties. So far, event apps are stacking up nicely, but it gets better.

Our third blog post in the event app series covers how to use your event app to effectively create marketing opportunities.

Event managers and marketers are always trying to find new ways to communicate with delegates and get them interested enough to register. We have multiple channels like email, social media and advertising, which act as foundation tools. Add event apps to the mix and you’ve got some major marketing opportunities.

Event apps build anticipation

In the lead up to an event we’d love to think that delegates and potential delegates are eagerly awaiting to hear from us to tell them something new. The reality is that they’re not and we need to create anticipation.

Start to paint a picture of what delegates can expect to experience at your event and its gets them excited. Ways in which you can do this include: releasing snippets of presentations from your big name speakers as teasers throughout the lead up to the event. These can be short, sharp quotes released through your app (think about writing them in a tweet format so you can tweet them and it’s easy for your delegates to tweet the snippet).

Create videos with speakers talking about the event and how excited they are to be a part of it, this also works with sponsors. Another option is to use last year’s video highlights if you have one – in addition to speakers, the video should have past delegates talking about how much they’ve enjoyed the conference.

The aim is to get your audience wanting more and talking to their colleagues and peers about your event, who will feel they will be missing out on great opportunity if they don’t attend.

Use event apps to create a conversation with your audience.

Promote and convert

With many event apps offering instant push notifications, promoting pre-selected sessions that are low in numbers works as a way to boost numbers and remind those who haven’t preselected their streams during registration to do so.

In our last post we covered the build up and how to use the app when you want to create a sense of urgency e.g. promotions and pricing offers.

Socializing your conference via your event app is an important part of marketing and engagement. We covered this in a recent post but here are a few key points as a reminder:

  • Attract a following from delegates and start the conversation early.
  • Don’t forget to communicate your event hashtag.
  • Encourage delegates to start following speakers (and sponsors) prior to the event. This make it really easy for them to engage with speakers during the event and tweet and tag speakers in social media posts.

Anticipation and engagement promotes word of mouth (WOM), which is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. The best thing about WOM in the digital age is that it has the ability to spread fast and far.

Gain insights

Know the features available to you on your app and utilise them. If you have the ability to run polls make use of this feature. Polls are a good way to  gain insights into your audience before the event and find out what they’re most interested in. Using polls might just take the guesswork out of your programme design. Polls create an engagement opportunity and get people thinking about your event. 

Event apps: measure your audience using live polling

Leverage your sponsorship and exhibitor agreements

Add extra value to your sponsorship and exhibitor agreements by using your event app.  This is all about giving them extra exposure and in turn making them feel like they are getting extra value out of their agreement. This is something that will serve you well when approaching your sponsors for next year’s event. Here are some ways you can do this with sponsors and exhibitors:

Create sponsorship pages within your app which include the sponsor’s:

  • Logo
  • Website link
  • Social media links
  • Offers and downloads e.g. latest brochure

Give your sponsors extra exposure by adding their logo within the programme for all sessions they sponsor. This can also translate to sessions where they have sponsored only the speaker. Adding an interactive trade map will help delegates find booths that they want to visit and encourage them to interact with other exhibitors along the way. Customise event apps

Get your delegates engaging with sponsors on social media pre, during and post event and make it easy for them to do so using your event app (see marking section above).

Benefit to you (event organisation)
An app creates another leveraging tool to add into your sponsorship prospectus. Offer sponsorship of the entire app – be mindful of your gold sponsors. Your app will need to accommodate other sponsors and this is where the sponsorship page works well.

Give sponsors a little extra boost by going the extra mile and making them feel valued. This doesn’t have to be time consuming or extensive, it can be as simple as pushing out thank you messages to delegates when a sponsored session has finished. Let your delegates know how they can engage with the sponsor via their website or social media and if they have a booth, tell delegates where to find them. Here’s an example, “Thanks Currinda for sponsoring our event technology session. Follow @currinda on Twitter. Go say hi to them at booth 49 in the grand hall.”

Start using event apps to increase your marketing and promotion

As you can see, the benefits of event apps are endless. If you’re interested in an app solution for your next conference or event, get in touch with us or click here to find out more about our smartphone app. We’re currently developing a native event app to give Currinda users greater control over their events. 

UPDATE: Our native mobile event app is ready for you to start using. Learn more about it here or contact us to find out how your event will benefit from our native event app. 

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