Sponsorship Improvements

Today we are launching a number of improvements to the long-neglected sponsorships section. This has been due to some great user feedback based on how some of our users use the section and will help improve a number of people’s workflows.

The first set of improvements are based around the general sponsorship communications.

IBitmapt’s now possible to BCC yourself when sending an email in sponsorships. Normally we don’t like duplicating email sending to an admin, but we do realise in sponsorships a lot of the communications happen in your outlook or on the phone. So now you can BCC yourself and you’ll get the information in your inbox as well. So just check the BCC sender and you’ll get a copy.

The second improvement in this area, and not a huge one for now, is the ability to set a “Sponsorship Admin” this currently will bring any events that you are set the admin to show in your “My Events” section, and not a huge deal else at the moment. This is definitely worth setting though as in the future this will be used when we need a sponsorship contact in the interface.

The second set of improvements are based around the sponsorship entitlements.


If you don’t know what these are, they are used to track what you are able to “give” to sponsors & exhibitors. Each booth should be set up as an individual entitlement, each session sponsorship, and anything else that’s a one-off sale should be set up as one.¬†As these are sold, they should then be allocated to the specific sponsor, these are then taken out of the pool of available entitlements.

The improvements centre around the need to a) ensure that the necessary documentation is received for these and b) communicate to people that have the sponsorships allocated to them. So firstly, we’ve added a Completed and Notes field to the entitlements. These are only available when they’ve been allocated to someone and should allow you to track better who has sent the necessary information to you to put in the program or set up the booths.

The next function is the ability to email people who have got entitlements selected directly from within Currinda. This will allow you to send out notifications regarding booths or advertising directly to the people who it is relevant to. This is accessible both in the setup section and the reports section in the Sponsorship part of events.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the invoice has changed slightly and has been split into 2 parts. The sponsorship item descriptions have now been removed from the invoice and a new Sponsorship Letter has been made available. This is a summary of all items and entitlements (and their descriptions) that the sponsor is entitled to or has purchased. This can be edited in Sponsorships > Communications > Templates and is available in the Docs submenu of each sponsor.


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