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Manage communications, renewals and membership information all within one platform.

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Support your website with a member-focused platform

Currinda lets you integrate your website with a fully unified membership database.

Simplify ALL your membership administration tasks on one integrated membership management solution.

…And importantly, you can keep your own website – you won’t be locked into a 3rd party’s website.

Document generation:
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • CPD statements
Unlimited information:
  • Member type
  • Demographics
  • Chapter information
Pricing based on:
  • Student/non-student
  • Membership type
  • Add-ons
Communications platform:
  • Email all members (with attachments)
  • SMS capability
  • Records and stores all communications
Website integration:
  • Member-only pages
  • Member database search
  • API integration
Live management dashboard:
  • Membership numbers
  • Trend information
  • Financial reporting
Member Finances:
  • Easy online payments
  • Instant access to past invoices and statements
Member management:
  • Full control of membership type
  • Manage CPD & membership search
Membership/Event integration:
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Association management tools

Currinda software is loaded with the tools to manage your memberships for maximum efficiency and governance.

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