To save you time, we’ve created the suite of abstract email templates you can download or upload straight into your MailChimp templates folder.

When it comes to managing calls for abstract, there are five key abstract email templates you need:

  • Call for abstracts
  • Call for abstracts reminder
  • Abstract Successful – Oral Presentation
  • Abstract Successful – Poster┬áPresentation
  • Abstract Unsuccessful

A note on MailChimp – there are other online email marketing options that can be used, MailChimp is one of the most popular and allows for easy template sharing.

1. Call for abstracts template

The Call for Abstracts Template is complete with conference information, submission criteria and a submission template within the email.

2. Call for abstracts reminder template

During the time your abstract submissions are open you’ll need to send out a couple of scheduled ‘Call for Abstract Reminder’ emails.

Not only are these emails a reminder to your submitters to get their abstracts in, you can also use them to add conference updates. Include information on new speakers or sponsors to entice those thinking about submitting and registering to take action.

3. Abstract decision templates

To avoid going back and forth with emails requesting further information from your successful submitters, our abstract decision email templates include instructions on making final edits and requests for additional information such as bios and photos.

We’ve created 3 decision email templates:

  • Abstract Successful – Oral Presentation
  • Abstract Successful – Poster Presentation
  • Abstract Unsuccessful

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