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  • Event reports

    How to: Write EFFECTIVE Weekly Event Reports

    As an event manager, at times you feel like preparing event reports is a waste of time, especially if your stakeholders aren't reading them. Here's the good news... It doesn't have to be this way. There's real purpose in preparing regular event reports and ways in which you can engage your stakeholders to ensure they're not

  • How to write a post event survey

    How to: Write a Post-Event Survey

    Running an event wouldn't be complete without sending attendees a post-event survey. It's not a task you do just to 'tick the box'. As mentioned in our last post What to Include in a Post-Event Report, post-event surveys are important, they inform decisions for future events and assist you to write your post-event report.

  • How to: Increase Membership Engagement Using Video

    The biggest challenges for membership organisations Memberwise UK's 2016/2017 survey Harnessing the Web, identified increasing membership engagement topped the list of challenges membership organisations face. This was followed by member benefits and millennial expectations, personalised content and the use of social media. Resource: Memberwise Harnessing the Web survey report So