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Creating a corporate parent membership

If the corporate parent membership does not currently exist you can add one. If you search for a User, that User will be attached to the Membership as usual.












If you specify a Membership Name the created membership will not have a User attached and will be referred to by the supplied name. This is particularly useful if the created membership is owned by an entity like a company rather than an individual person.

Creating a new membership and adding it as a sub member

You can create a new membership and assign it as a sub member directly from the ‘Sub Members‘ section of the corporate parent membership.

Adding an existing membership as a submember

Select the members that you would like to assign as a sub member of a corporate parent membership. Choose the ‘Assign as sub-member‘ task from the list below the table and click ‘Go‘.

Select the corporate parent membership from the dropdown field. If you specified aa Membership Name for your parent membership, that name should appear in this list, rather than a User name.



Ensure that the checked memberships below are correct and click ‘Process‘ to perform the action.

The selected memberships are now sub members of the selected corporate parent membership.

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