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Creating Accommodation Rooms in your Event

Navigate to the Accommodation section of Event setup. Here you "EventAccommodationRoomCreate"will be able to choose the rooms that you want to make available from the list of rooms for hotels that you have already added to your Currinda account. You can select each room type only once for each Event.
The ‘Default cost per night‘ will set a default room cost for all delegates attending the Event. If you would like to change this default cost for a specific type of delegate you can do so in the Accommodation Cost section, as described below.







The ‘Default Room Allocation‘ will set a default number of rooms available per night of your Event. You can change this number for each night after you have added the Room by selecting the night you want to change from the allocation table at the bottom of the screen.

Setting Room Costs for your Delegates"AccommodationRoomCreate"

Pricing for each room type can be customised using the Accommodation Cost Matrix. The first column shows the default cost per night. Green badges denote that the room is enabled and that a delegate can currently select this room when they register. Red denotes a disabled room type which the particular delegate can not select..
Every column after the Default column refers to a specific delegate type, delegates will be offered only the rooms based on the attendee type attached to their registration.

eg. an Invited Speaker might have the Registration Type ‘*Invited*’ and receive a heavily discounted or free rate for their Room.




The (insert icon image) icon on a badge denotes that this price is still grouped with it’s default cost. Any changes to the default cost will also change all of these costs.

To ungroup a cost, select it from the table to show the ungrouping form. You will have to confirm that this is the action that you want to take. You can then set the custom price and state (Enabled or Disabled) for that room.
All ungrouped costs are denoted by a (insert icon image) icon on it’s badge.

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