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"AccommodationPage"Currinda allows your delegates to organise sharing partners for the accommodation that they select.
On the accommodation page in the registration process delegates can specify the email of delegates that will be sharing their accommodation.
Sharing delegates are not required to be registered at the time when the delegate booking accommodation specifies their email address, they will be linked using their email when they do register.

Confirming sharing accommodation"NavigateSocialSetup"

As your event approaches you will want to be able to make sure that all sharing partners are accounted for.
You can use the Sharing Partner report, found under the Accommodation tab in the Reports section to view all specified Sharing Partners and determine which partners email’s are not attached to a Registration.
This will allow you to follow up your delegates and make sure you have all the information you need to pass on to the hotels.


As an administrator you can edit the accommodation of each delegate and specifically search for email addresses that are registered for that Event.

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