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If you are already a group manager __

Select the “Group Management” item from the side menu and select your desired event to reach the group manager dashboard.

If you are not already a group manager __

Select the “Events” item from the side menu, choose the event you want to register a delegate for and select “Register“.







Next, select the tab marked “Register another delegate” from the top of the registration dashboard to be taken to the group manager dashboard for this event.










From the group manager dashboard you can select the user that you would like to register for the event.











If you are currently the manager of one or more users, you will be able to select one of these users from the drop down menu labelled “User“.

Otherwise, you can find the user that you would like to register by entering their email address into the field labelled “Email“.

From here, follow the registration process, entering the specific data relevant to the delegate that you are registering.











On completion you will be directed to a summary of the managed user’s registration.

From here you will be able to make adjustments to the registration if you wish.

For information on how to finalise and make payments for the registrations that you manage, see Finalising and paying for managed delegates“.

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