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Checking Delegates2017-06-13-17_56_40-unchecked-delegates-a-company-that-makes-everything

When a new delegate registers for an event, their status is initially Unchecked. This means that the delegate cannot have payments assigned to them and they won’t appear in some reports.  Checking delegates is a simple administrator process.

Note: Unchecked delegate status is an important safeguard.  It prevents fraudulent or unwanted delegates from ever transferring money to the event or conference. It also allows administrators to perform a ‘once-over’ of every delegate to ensure that their registration is in good order.

Card payments by a delegate are not transferred until after the delegate is checked.  Prior to checking, the payment is pre-authorised.  Payment is finalised at the time of checking.

All unchecked delegates appear in the Unchecked Delegates Report (access via Delegates Unchecked tabs).

Click on the delegate’s name and complete the checking form. During this process, you can also complete any notes about the delegate or change their billing name as necessary (eg an alternate person or organisation).

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