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Sending SMS to Delegates and Members

Currinda allows Event Administrators to send SMS to Event Delegates and Members (including SMS batches).  Currinda’s SMS functionality is billed at a charge of 14c per SMS. This needs to be enabled by request for each specific Currinda site – email Support@currinda.com.

SMS to Event Delegates

Step 1 – Generate a report of Delegates with mobile numbers

Select Reports > Delegates and, from the Delegates Report form, scroll down to the Mobile field and select ‘Yes’. Click the blue Search button at the bottom of the form.  This will generate a report of Delegates who have supplied their mobile contact number.

Sending text messages to registered delegates is accessed via the batch functions (similar to sending delegates emails). Use the checkboxes at the RHS of each line item on the Report to select the delegates to whom your SMS will be sent (the uppermost checkbox is a ‘select all’ option).  Finally, select the ‘Send Delegate SMS’ option from the batch drop down.

You can then use a number of different variables pertaining to the user in the SMS Service.

  • {{FirstName}}
  • {{LastName}}
  • {{Email}}
  • {{AppLoginShortURL}} This allows the delegate to login to the event’s mobile app just by clicking the link.

The sent SMS will be tracked in the Communication section of the event against each delegate, creating a permanent record and audit trail of every outbound message.

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