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The first step of the event is setting up the actual event. More instructions can be found here. A payment gateway needs to be set-up and we recommend eWay or SecurePay, but also support PayPal.

Registration LinkOnce the event is setup, place the registration link showing here on the website or distribute it via email.






As delegates register, their credit cards are authorised but the funds will not transfer until the delegate is checked.

Use the unchecked report to determine which delegates need to be checked as they come in. This 2 stage process ensures that fraudulent delegates do not make it through the process.

Delegates marked as incomplete have begun a registration but have dropped out before completing it. The parts of the registration they have completed have been saved and the rest will need to be finished at a later time.

To force people to pay at time of registration we recommend you only check the make payment by credit card box that is found in Setup > Advanced > Financialselect-credit-card.png











It has been noticed that if delegates are not allowed to skip making a payment during their initial registration process they will be more likely to drop out (usually by closing their browser window) at the payments page, rather than make a payment.

Delegates paying via cheque or direct debit are also checked, and when the money arrives in the bank account, it is receipted through the Finance section.

The next stage of the event is the general reporting needs. These are accessed through the Reports section. The main delegates report is used most as it can query most of the fields captured. There are also a number of batch actions that can be applied to any of the delegates, such as send email and generate nametags.

A large amount of reporting for committee members such as generating dinner lists or financial statuses is often required. This can be streamlined by giving the committee specific access to view these reports by using the committee section.

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