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Setting up Event Timeframes2017-08-08-22_11_01-add-a-new-timeframe-a-company-that-makes-everything

Click open your event’s Setup> Rego Costs screen. This will allow you to either set the prices according to any timeframe, add new event timeframes or edit existing timeframes.

To add a new timeframe click the Add New Timeframe tab and complete the form.

The Start Time marks the beginning of a specific window (eg. Late Period begins on 30/9/2017 at 12.30pm).

TIP: Any variations to timeframes must be properly managed to avoid clashes/conflicts across your event’s registration ‘time windows’.

It’s now time to set Rego Costs/prices for your Event’s Timeframe.2017-08-08-22_11_01-add-a-new-timeframe-2

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