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  1. Go to Events > Add a new eventadd-new-event.png









  1. Name the event and select Invitation









  1. Fill out the rest of the event details as per a normal event.

  2. Leave active unchecked until event is set up and ready to go live.

  3. Select hidden if you wish it to be a via invitation only event

  4. Add in address of venue, create a new location if required.

  5. Appoint a Secretariat name and Primary Admin (compulsory) and secondary admin if required.

  6. Set Maximum number of registrations if applicable.

  7. Set date and time event starts (be aware of daylight savings times)

  8. Set date and time event finishes

  9. Set date add on locked

  10. Set date registration close

  11. Tick manage accommodation if applicable otherwise leave unticked.

  12. Set dates and times

  13. Set extras as applicable.

  14. Click on save button.

Uploading an Image

Currinda will resize as appropriate but making your images approximately 2480 x 320 for banners and square for other images will provide a better result. Go to settings and click on the image tab. Upload appropriate files."Upload an image"











Accommodation If you ticked the accommodation box go to Accomm tab and set up accommodation details as per help outlined here.

Add an attendee type

"Attendee types"On the delegates tab in setup. Tick invited and then create This creates a delete type called invited that has a link to the invitation that can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon. This can be used in your MailChimp account when sending the invitation out.






Adding a ticket cost "Rego costs"Registration types default to Yes I will attend/No I won’t attend Use rego costs tab to enable the tickets. Please note they should not have any cost












Transferring the invite template to your email sending program To transfer this to your email sending prog"Additional details"ram such as MailChimp click on the window icon and it opens in your default browser.

  1. Click on view source (this will varying depending on the browser you use)
  2. Copy the source code.
  3. Go to your MailChimp account select new template then create new template then code your own and paste in the code.

Adding additional details to collect at sign up Go to Setup > Details > Other and select appropriate options.














Set up other information required – Partner – add as an extra asking for the partner’s name for a name badge if required – Dietary requirements – set up in extras. Edit each of them using the edit icon on the right hand side next to the extra.
To view the invite that will be sent out Click on the blue icon to see the invite displayed (after you have uploaded the appropriate image)











"Banner options"

Changing what displays under the banner use Setup > Other tab.









Upload T&C, Privacy, Refund conditions Upload as Pdf’s using the file upload command at the bottom of the Settings> Other tab

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