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Email Templates

Currinda allows for the creation and editing of email templates to use in email campaigns. These are available throughout the interface in the emailing action, they are generally used for recurring emails such as membership renewals, form letters regarding abstract acceptance/rejection and outstanding registrations.

There are sitewide templates, these are available at Misc Settings » Email Templates and any edits to these will be across the site. There are also event/organisation specific templates which are located at: Event/Organisation » Communications » Templates.

The editor provides a near-live preview and allows you to select from the 2 merge-fields drop down boxes a number of the available fields that are “merged” in.


 Enabling templates

The template dropdown only appears in your event or organisation when there are relevant non-automated email templates is in your database.

This can be done by going into the editor and creating a template for the appropriate database target. When you create a template, be sure to select the correct template target such as Registration, Abstract or Membership as this is used to decide on fields and also are only available when emailing those database targets.

Filtering Sent Communications

This is also useful while searching for sent communications. You can now select the Template in the search form and find all communications that were sent with that template.

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