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Tips for getting help and supporthelp-button-large

We provide LIVE ONLINE Help Desk support Monday to Friday, Australian business hours. Currinda online support is available FREE for all Currinda registered users.

The easiest way to access help and support is via the Live Chat icon located at the bottom right hand corner of your Currinda screen (pictured)

TIP: For the quickest Help Desk assistance, always tell us –

  • The exact task you’re trying to perform;
  • (if applicable) The User Profile of the delegate/member you are working on; and
  • (if applicable) Which specific event.
  • A ‘screenshot’ of your Currinda screen is often really useful to our Help Desk in quickly fixing your issue.  Use the paperclip icon in the chat window to attach your screenshot or other images.  Your screenshot should include the section of interest as well as the url and top menu bar.  (Your desktop will have its own snipping tool / screen capture tool to assist this step.  Ask your IT support, or a colleague, for help if you’ve not taken a screenshot before.)

If you are unable to access the Live Chat icon (eg you’re locked out) then please email support@currinda.com.  (Phone calls do not assist in speeding up Help Desk requests)


If you are seeking Help with an email, please forward us a copy of the email.

TIP: Large email batches can result in a backlog of a few minutes, so please allow up to 20 mins for your emails to transmit.  Before seeking Help Desk assistance, please check the communications log (via Communications tab) to verify sending.

Reports and Invoices

If your query is about a report or an invoice, please forward us a copy (support@currinda.com) with your Help request.

Accessibility and browser Issues

Inability to login is most often due to a browser issue or device issue. If you need to report a login problem, or any difficulty in accessing any part of our system, please include the following details:

  • the url
  • your device
  • your browser type including the version number.

These details will speed up the process to resolve your issue.

Note: Support is only provided for recent browser versions.  Click here for the list of browsers we support.

Payment Gateway Issues

Currinda integrates with various payment gateways for your convenience.  A payment gateway issue could arise due to a range of factors relating to either an individual user or organisation/event wide.

Payment gateway issues generally take some time to troubleshoot, so your patience is appreciated.

Tip: When reporting a payment gateway problem:

  • it is most helpful to identify whether the issue exists for one single individual, or across the entire event/memberbase.
  • We recommend that you also check with your payment gateway supplier for Support/Help assistance.
  • If you require Currinda’s Help Desk assistance with a payment/s made via an external gateway that has not been recorded in Currinda, you will need to supply a screenshot of your payment gateway dashboard showing the payment as received.


Our Help Desk seeks to address your support requests as rapidly as possible. We deal with a large volume of requests daily and peak periods vary.

Always use the prescribed Help Desk methods – the Live Chat app OR the email support@currinda.com to obtain the fastest turnaround.  Seeking alternative channels for Help Desk or technical assistance will generally slow down the speed of the request process.

It is advisable to lodge your help request in a timely manner, rather than leaving your request to the last moment.

Help Desk response times generally depend on the nature of the request or issue.  We aim to turn around technical requests in a 24-48 hour working day timeframe. Help Desk advice and low level assistance for processes and workflows will generally be delivered more quickly – usually within a few hours. 


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