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Tips for getting help and support

We provide live help and technical support Monday to Friday, Australian business hours, for all Currinda registered users. The easiest way to access help and supportlive-help is through the live chat icon on the bottom right hand corner of the Currinda administration section and the registration app. You must be logged into Currinda to see this. Go to the page that you are having issue on and select the chat icon, this will let us know the exact page your query relates to.

The more information you can provide about what you were doing when the problem happened and which event and/or delegate or member’s profile you were working on, the faster your issue will be resolved. If the issue relates to a specific delegate please tell us their name and email address and which event the problem is occurring in. If we request further information from you the ticket will be not be addressed until that information is received.

If you are unable to access the admin dashboard of live registration app then please email support@currinda.com and no other email address. Phone calls do not assist in speeding up the support request.


If you are having a problem with an email, please forward a copy of the email. Thousands of emails are sent via Currinda each day so please wait at least 30 mins before asking why your emails have not been received. In all cases please check the comms log to verify sending.

Reports and Invoices

Please forward us any reports or invoices that you have referred to in your help request.


These are extremely helpful and will ensure your issue is resolved in the fastest possible time. Please consult with your IT support to learn which snipping tool or screen capture program is installed on your computer. Please upload images using the paperclip icon in the chat window and do not place them in word docs or pdf’s.

The more information you are able to provide us, the more effectively and efficiently we will be able to solve your technical issues.

When making screen captures please do not zoom right in on the section of interest. If we can see the url, event name and the top menu bar that allows us the minimum time to address your issue.

Browser Issues

Inability to login is often due to browser or device issues. If you, or a user, is having issues accessing any part of the system please provide the url you are using, what device you are on and which browser (including the version number) is in use. This will speed up the rate at which we can resolve your issue.

Support is only provided for up to date browsers.  Click here for the list of browsers we support.

Payment Gateway Problems

When these occur it is very helpful if you can identify if this is occurring across the entire event/membership or only for one individual. Payment gateway issues take some time to trouble shoot so your patience is appreciated. Checking for support from your payment gateway supplier is also recommended. If you require support to address a payment made in the external gateway that has not been reflected in Currinda you will need to supply a screen capture of the payment gateway dashboard showing that payment as received.


All support requests are dealt with as rapidly as possible. We deal with a large volume of requests each day as Currinda has thousands of users and many hundreds of events and organisations. Using any other method than the live chat app or the email support@currinda.com will not help you obtain a faster result. In fact it will often slow down the speed of request.  Support requests that affect the overall operation of the system take priority over any other matters. Please assist us by advising of your issue in a timely manner rather than leaving it to the last minute.

We try to turn support requests around in a 24-48 hour working day timeframe where possible but are unable to guarantee this. 


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