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There are a number of requirements to make the native app submission process smooth.

  • The name of the app in the app store. This is usually the short name of the conference.
  • A letter giving us permission to use the brand/trademarks.
  • A description of the app (to be displayed in the App Stores.

There are a number of image requirements for the native phone app.

  •  A square icon. 1024×1024 (this is used on the desktop of the phone)
  • A splash/loading page 750×1334 (This is used when the app starts up, it will have a spinner over the top of it)
  • An entry page image 500×500 (This is on the “Enter” page. Usually includes an app sponsor)
  • A Home screen page 700×300 (This is seen by the delegates whenever they click the “info” page. This is seen a lot and should be branded)
  • Android Store “promo” 1024 x 500

There are also a number of webpage requirements.

  • A privacy policy URL
  • The app “marketing” url.
  • A contact email address.

NOTE: Lead times for development of a native app is a minimum of 8 weeks.

Submission of all above assets less than 8 weeks and your conference deadline many not be obtainable.

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