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To begin setting up your event program, you must add block each day out with sessions. Once sessions have been created and abstracts have been allocated to them, the sessions will be available within the mobile app and allocated abstracts will be viewable.








To add a new session, click the Program side menu item.

To add a new session, click the Add new button at the top of the sessions page.




Add all the relevant information for the session and click Save to save your session.















Now that a session has been saved, abstracts can be allocated to it.

Sessions have a limit to the amount of abstracts that can be allocated to them, as defined when setting up the session. The amount of abstracts that can still be added to a session can be seen in the Assigned abstracts column of the abstracts table.


To add an abstract to the session, click the session name from the abstract table.












From the session schedule page you can view the abstracts currently allocated to the session. To add an abstract to this session, click the Add button.

Click the green __ to add an abstract from the list to this session.

Abstracts can be ordered within the session by clicking-and-dragging the icon. The duration and question time for each abstract can be edited by clicking on the current value in the table.

In the same fashion as abstracts, sessions can be ordered by clicking-and- dragging theicon.







Once all session information is added and abstracts have been allocated and ordered within them, the sessions can be finalised.

Finalising a session will allocate numbers to all the abstracts in chronological order.




















Please note: The finalisation action is not reversible and should only be made when all the sessions are completed.

Once sessions have been added they can be selected from within the event app and their assigned abstracts can be viewed.

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