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Sponsorship Entitlements are designed to be an literal list of items that are for sale to potential sponsors. A sponsor might purchase a sponsorship package that includes a exhibitor booth, the sponsorship entitlement that would get added in this case would be the actual booth that the sponsor will receive i.e. Booth #14.







To manage Sponsorship Entitlements, navigate by clicking the ‘Sponsors & Trade’ menu item, Setup menu item and then the Entitlements tab.

To create a Sponsorship Entitlement, add a Name and Type. If the type selected is ‘Booth’ and you have uploaded a Trade Map you will be able to specify the exact location of the booth on the map by click-and-dragging a square onto the map. Click the drawn square to remove it and draw another.










You will be able to allocate a Sponsorship to each Sponsorship Entitlement on this page as well. Simply select their organisation from the Sponsorship select field.

Alternatively you can select their sponsorship, click the
‘Entitlements’ tab and allocate any number of entitlements to them.

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