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Sponsorship & trade prices are set up across the event and then sponsorships are allocated to them. They are set up in 3 categories:

  1. Sponsorships eg. Gold, Silver, Bronze
  2. Exhibitors
  3. Advertisers




To add a sponsorship price, step into the Sponsors & Trade section, click Setup, and then the Sponsorship tab.

Complete the form and then click save. The name is how the sponsorship will appear on the invoice and the description.















The next step is to add any extras that are required. These are predefined ‘questions’ that can be answered about the sponsorship. These can be things such as

  1. Booth number
  2. Information about inserts
  3. Sponsored social event






These are then attached to specific sponsorship items and are answerable when the sponsor selects the specific sponsorship item.

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