Abstract features you can’t live without

Flexible Review Scoring

Allow reviewers to score in all manner of ways. 1 score out of 10 or 5 scores out of 5.

Create scoring that is relevant to your submission criteria. Currinda provides 10 abstract scoring options, including quantitative ratings, yes/no decisions, drop down boxes and more to suit your reviewing needs. No need to get out the calculator, Currinda tellys up the scores for you, giving abstracts an overall score creating an efficient decision process.

To find out how scoring works in more detail, refer to our Reviewing Abstracts support video.

Instantly Email All Submitters

Email submitters with acceptance details, reviewer feedback or just information all at the click of 1 button

Communicating with your submitters is easy with Currinda’s batch emailing. Filter between submitter types, attach documentation and use our pre-populated templates and merge fields to help tailor your message to each submitter. Assigning decisions has never been easier, batch emailing lets you send acceptance email to all your attendees in one go, with a tailored message to each submitter.

To find out in more detail how our batch emailing works, visit the support page.

“We are at the Conference and the AV Tech was most impressed that I could easily pull up individual sessions and send a bulk email via the Currinda system to the people that had not submitted their presentations for this afternoon – a great help with 140 speakers at this conference!”
Sally, Events 4 You Limited, New Zealand

Ready-to-go Smartphone App

Automatically publish all accepted abstracts to an interactive smartphone app.

You don’t have to be an app developer to create a professional smartphone app. Currinda’s fully integrated software creates an interactive smartphone app that uses your final abstracts to create your conference program. The app allows you to add additional pages and information, as well as create polling questions.

Fully Integrated with Registrations

Know which speakers are yet to register & pay

Keeping track of your speaker’s registration statuses is made easy with Currinda. Our software makes it easy to sort on registration status and follow up with speakers with a click of a button using our batch actions.

Learn more about our registration software

Full Paper Review

Streamline full paper reviews, feedback, editing, acceptance and publishing

Currinda’s abstract review stages are flexible and allow the addition of full paper reviews. The process is streamlined for both submitters and reviewers, creating a seamless workflow with easy file uploading, editing and feedback channels. Our software makes accepting papers easy, once accepted, it’s ready to add into your program, website and smartphone app.

To find out in more details about how our full paper reviewing works, visit the support page.

Programme Scheduling

Collaborate with team-mates while designing conference programs and allocating speakers

Create a conference program that your delegates will love. Currinda gives you the flexibility to design your program within the software. No more compiling documents and copy and pasting, with our software you can assign abstracts into sessions which will create an editable program and smartphone app.

Automatically Allocate Reviewers Based on Expertise

Save time and effort by having reviewers automatically allocated based on their expertise, skills and category

Currinda makes it easy to have the right people review the right abstracts. Our automated reviewing process lets you set who reviews abstracts and in what category. Reviewers can be assigned multiple abstracts and you can set permissions, giving you greater control over the entire reviewing process.

To find out in more detail how Currinda Abstracts saves you time with Reviewer Allocation, visit our support page.

Ask unlimited questions

Ask all manner of questions of each attendees at different stages of the registration process.

Need extra information from your submitters? No problem, with Currinda you can ask unlimited questions with flexible answer formats, specifying mandatory questions, extra information based on submission type and file uploads for documents such as qualifications or letters of recommendation.

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With Currinda there’s no sign-up fee and you only pay for what you use.