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Setting up API Clients

Add api clientsSetting up API documents is simple matter of creating a user for each web property that needs access to the data. This is done through the API clients.

  • Enter a username without any spaces and only the characters a-z 0-9 and –
  • Enter a client name, this may be displayed to users when authorizing the API.
  • Upload a logo that is associated with the client name.



Finally save and you will be generated a unique secret. This and the client id should be given to the developer.

Developers require the following information:

Client ID: from this form
Client Secret: from this form
Organisation ID: accessible in the URL ie. /admin/organisation/1255 (the id is 1255)
Currinda URL: ie: http://acme.currinda.com/ (the Currinda site is acme)

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