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You can give your members the opportunity to make a donation when they are joining or renewing their membership with an association.

Creating Donation Types"SetupDonationType"

In your Organisation Setup, navigate to the Donations section to create and manage your current Donation Types.
You are able to Name your Donations and add a Description that will be displayed when your members are joining or renewing their membership for this association.
You can also create predefined donation amounts that your members can choose from in addition to being able to specify their own donation amount.


Managing Current Donations

Once a donation is made by a member it will be awaiting payment. They can remove pending donations by returning to the Donations page and selecting the delete option from the ‘Pending donations‘ table.
If the donations form is filled in and submitted again it will result in another donation being created (donation amounts cannot be edited), but until they are paid for donations can be removed at any time by the member or an administrator.

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