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Merging Users

Currinda allows you to merge two (or more) existing user profiles into a single profile.  Merging users in Currinda is an simple process.

Currinda will not permit duplicated user registrations in a single event, or duplicated memberships in a single organisation – if an administrator attempts to create such a duplicate, Currinda will raise an ‘Error‘ notice.

Use the ‘Search Field’ box to find the duplicated users by name and select (tick) them via their batch action check boxes.


From the batch action dropdown at the bottom of the User List, select the merge users option and follow the prompts…




Note: Currinda does not “delete” the old user profile!  Rather, the user profile is marked as ‘archived’ or alternatively ‘de-activated’. This user can subsequently be logged into and activated or de-archived at a later time, however this should not normally be necessary.


The screen below illustrates the Administrator view of the merged user profile in Takeover mode:


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