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There are 2 ways to cancel a registration, dependent on if they have been “checked” or not.

The first way is to simply delete their registration if the delegate hasn’t been checked off. This is usually used in the case of a test registration by using the delete button on the far right hand side when in delegates > unchecked.





The second way is used when the delegate has been checked and would like to cancel their registration. This allows for having a cancellation fee and is usually followed by a refund.









A cancellation fee needs to be set up and is accessed through the registration setup section.

Prices are set for this registration type. Different prices according to the level of registration can be specified e.g earlybird and non-earlybird cancellations.






These need to be enabled, but as they are cancelled registrations, they will never be selectable by a delegate.

Then select one of these registration types for the delegate. The delegate should also have its add-ons and accommodation cancelled if necessary.











Finally, you can then refund the delegate if necessary.

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