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How do I import my current membership data into Currinda?

Currently there is no automated tool for uploading your current membership data into your new Currinda site, however it can be achieved by getting in contact with us through support@currinda.com.

  • Import formats that we support
  • Summit
  • Other Formats

Importing from Summit

We can import your current Summit database straight from the Summit database file.

Importing from other formats

If your data is not in one of the formats above, we would still love to import it. We are happy to work with you to ensure that we can get you up and running on Currinda as if you’d been using it for years. For this to happen however, we would ask you to go over the following checklist to make sure we can perform the data import as quickly as possible.

Data consistency

Data should be grouped consistently. eg. If the title of a column says ‘Email’, each data point in the column must be a valid email address (or be blank). We insist on this as we cannot interpret the data on individual cases and rely on the column title for information on the nature of the data within the column.

  • Required fields

To ensure that Currinda is able to perform it’s full capabilities, there are certain data elements that are needed for an import to be successful.

Select the sections below that you would like to maintain after your data import into Currinda to reveal a checklist of required fields.

User – The following fields are required to import a user who will be capable of logging in to Currinda.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Membership– The following fields are required to import a current membership into an organisation.

  • Expiry date
  • Membership type

Membership financial history– The following fields are required to import a memberships with an accurate financial history

  • Membership type
  • Cost of membership type
  • Expiry length of membership type
  • Name of any additional items purchased with this membership
  • Cost of any additional items purchased with this membership
  • Date payment was received from member

Multiple databases

If you have data spread across multiple databases we can do the import incrementally. Just ensure that all the required data is present and we can take care of the rest.

Multiple sheets

If your data is stored in a spreadsheet, we do not support data on multiple pages of the same spreadsheet.

Please either merge this data onto one spreadsheet page of split it into multiple spreadsheets.

Supported formats

The formats that we currently support include:

* .csv 
* .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) 
* .odb 

If you require an import from a different format, please contact us and let us know your requirements.

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