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Event Website images

Currinda’s event website builder lets you customise your event website for your style tastes and content requirements.  This includes customisation tools for your event website images and section sizes for your web pages.

Getting the size right

"CustomSectionSize"We allow you to set the height of any section to a number of different size options eg 100%, 75%, 66%.
If you are planning on setting a background image on any section, as is often the case for the header section, we recommend that you manipulate your image to match the desired size of the section.
The most common display ratio that a desktop user will have is 16:9 and the most common screen resolution is 1366x768px.

Using that as a guide, if you were planning on having a header section that had section size set to 100% screen size then you could manipulate the background image to be 1366x768px. If the section height was 50% you could set it as 683x768px.
Header images that are not designed to conform to these display constraints may appear stretched.

"CreateHeaderFromLogo"If you have a logo for your event and would like to turn it into a background image, rather than stretching the image to the dimensions recommended above, try adding colour around the logo to extend the logo to the above dimensions.
This should be achievable in all image editing software.

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