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Creating links and buttons

Adding a button to content on your website can be a powerful way of drawing an action from a user. A well placed button can prompt a user to enter the registration purchase process, read more and get excited about speakers or begin subitting a paper.  This article shows you the simple steps to creating links and buttons.

Creating a link

"TextEditorCreateLink"A link can be created in any text editor by:

  • Writing the content of your link.
  • Highlighting the text and clicking the ‘link’ button (looks like a chain link, ).
  • Enter the URL that you would like your link to use and hit OK.
  • Save the page.




You have now added a hyperlink to that URL into your content, now for some style.

Styling a button

"TextEditorStyleLink"The theme that you have selected for your website has a variety of button styles available within it.






To view the available styles:

  • Highlight the link that you created above.
  • Click the ‘Formats’ dropdown and hover over the ‘Buttons’ item.
  • Select one of the button styles available.
  • Save the page.

…And now you have a button linked to your URL and is nicely styled to match your theme!

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