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Event Website Terminology

Currinda allows you to easily build your own event website using our flexible website builder tools.  This article introduces you to the range of simple tools that you’ll use to create your stylish and functional Event Website.  These tools use standard website terminology to help beginners get familiar with this important aspect of event marketing.

Text Editor

The Text Editor refers to the main editor for adding content to your website.




A Page can be thought of as an ordered collection of Sections. By adding sections, creatingeach section’s content, formatting and ordering them, you create your website. You can have multiple pages within your website, however by default a website is created with one main page and treats any extra pages as secondary places to house required extra information.



A section could be thought of as one slice a page. We refer to the speaker’s section, the sponsor’s section, the venue section to refer to those specific parts a page. A section may contain one or more cards which will be displayed according to the column layout selected for that section.



A Card contains information about a specific thing. For example, a Speaker Card contains the bio and profile picture of one of your event speakers or a Sponsor Card contains the logo and website link for one of your event sponsors. You can add as many cards as you like to a section and order them as you need. Cards will be displayed according to the column layout selected for that section.



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