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What Event Managers Can Learn From The Olympic Brand

We're in the midst of arguably one of the biggest global events, the Olympics. The modern games as we know them today started in 1896, that's 120 years running (excuse the pun)! Aside from the purpose of the event, there's something that has stayed constant since early on the in the history

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10 Tips for Effectively Managing Abstracts

For many event managers, conference committee members and convenors, navigating through the abstract process is part of day-to-day life. There’s no question about it, managing abstracts is an involved and time-consuming process that requires precision coordination. If the abstract process isn’t well managed, cracks will appear, you’ll run out of time

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How to Grow Your Marketing Using Event Apps

The great thing about event apps is that they're a win-win tool for everyone. Event apps are convenient for delegates, they're a communications tool for event managers and they encourages two-way engagement between both parties. So far, event apps are stacking up nicely, but it gets better. Our third blog post in the event app series covers

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3 Ways Event Apps Save You Time and Money

An event app is an investment that delivers real returns. If the previous points in our event app series didn’t have you convinced, then how about this - event apps can save you thousands in dollars and a heap of time! Here’s 3 ways event apps will save time and money: