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How To Engage Delegates At All Stages Of Your Conference

We're often busy trying to get our message out to delegates rather than starting a conversation with them and keep them engaged. There are opportunities to engage delegates at all stages of your conference. In part two of our series on event apps, we're taking a look at how you can use

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How Event Apps Will Improve Your Delegates Experience

We're frequently asked by new and existing clients how their next conference would benefit from having an event app. For some, having an app might seem like the way to keep up with the latest industry trends. The truth is that event apps carry real benefits that can save time and money, all the while giving delegates the

Sponsorship Improvements

Today we are launching a number of improvements to the long-neglected sponsorships section. This has been due to some great user feedback based on how some of our users use the section and will help improve a number of people's workflows. The first set of improvements are based around the

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How To Avoid A Lengthy Abstract Review Stage

As we know, peer reviewing helps the convenors and the committee decide what is presented at a conference. This makes abstract review stage a one of the most important in the entire abstract process. It's a stage that requires precision planning and coordination to ensure it is efficient and effective. Here’s how you can avoid a lengthy abstract